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ULY OF ARMS Coordinator of our Training Divisions in dialogue with the program "ESOS LOCOS BAJITOS" 1410 AM “The new Albion Youth Project began in 2018 with the formation of all categories to compete in AUF, from the seventh to the fourth division. We worked on a new recruitment model that was adapted to the club and its needs. The model is divided into 3 levels of uptake. A first recruitment goes from boys from 12 to 13 years old from baby soccer, which is coordinated by Hebert Dos Santos. The second recruitment that works in parallel with boys of 14 and 15 years called Academia, is focused on players who arrive at the club and do not remain in the first instance, they have the opportunity to continue working with us for a year in which they compete in pre-college tournaments and at the end of the year they are evaluated for a second chance. The third recruitment is carried out punctually by category, with players and specific positions that must be reinforced. Currently the lower ones train at Carrasco Polo, we are very happy and comfortable in the workspace. As of this year, the Club took a leap in quality and acquired a complex located in Paso de la Arena, in which one of the 4 courts is destined for official Youth matches, which gives us a lot in every way. We are going to release them when the activity begins and we know that it will bring identity to our Project. It is important to note that the club is making an effort to maintain continuity in the work team and add professionals to the team. Although we are aware that some teams have agreements with baby soccer institutions, we believe that our project should aim at the comprehensive training of the athlete, provide support to young people from a social and family point of view as well as support their education. We believe that Albion should be attractive as it encompasses the project as a whole. At the time, the club offered English classes, and the idea is to resume this activity after the Pandemic. As a result of the suspension of the activities, workshops were offered for our athletes, trying to maintain the bond and motivation. One of the workshops was given by Roberto Canessa which was a very enriching experience. Currently young people arrive at the Club convinced of the Project that we carry out, we aim that the families of our players know our work and the conditions that the club offers to the youth athlete. It is essential that parents and footballers are clear about where the project is heading. Much emphasis is placed on the training and profile of the Albion footballer. We seek to have short squads and constantly promote players to higher categories because we know that football is very dynamic. Fourth division footballers have the opportunity to work with the first division squad and live together during the week. The continuity of studies in our athletes is vital for our project with the aim that they prepare on all fronts. We have the support of Gol al Futuro, an organization that contributes in the educational, health and sports areas. We also have German Vikonis, a psychologist that the club has to treat a very important area in the training of the athlete. We accompany the vision of our President Leonardo Blanco with football training and a firm stance that points towards a high-performance center. All the workers put on the Club shirt, we try to transmit the story to our athletes and over time we have become Albion fans ”.

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